2.5″ HDD Caddy


Contents1 – 2.5″ HDD Caddy
1 – USB 2.0 Cable
1 – Driver CD
1 – User Manual
1 – Screws and Screwdriver



Drivers not required for Windows XP onwards


1 Button Backup Setup

For Vista, insert the CD and go to the folder that starts with  20329 and then extract the files in the .rar file called

PCCLONEEX_LITE_1_85_05(兼容Vista)_JMICRON.rar   (download rar program here)


Install the program.

Then open up with the program from the PCCloneEX desktop icon it installs.

It will open it up in the system bar in the bottom right.

Right click on the system bar icon for PCClone and click Show PC Clone. Select all the folders that you want to be backed up.

Then whenever you press the 1 button backup it will ask you on the screen to press ok or the 1 button again and will backup all the folders you selected.