HDD Caddy Issues

This device does not need drivers for XP and above. As Microsft built in support for external devices since then.

The issue could also be the USB cable has to connected in a certain way, if it is plugged in the wrong way, it will not pick up the hard disk correctly.

The end of the long single cable has to go into the caddy.

The one with the 2 cables connected to it, this has to be plugged into the PC

The one on the short cable can be optional plugged in to increase connect speed.

The HDD should be set to master if IDE. To do this folow the below instructions

On the hard disk, on the back, there is a little group of 9 pins, in a row of 5 and a row of 4. These set the state of the hard disk.

On the hard disk, there will be a little diagram of all the variations of 2 of those pin to be connected by the little bit of plastic, which is called a jumper.

Just pull out the jumper and put it back to make the hard disk set to Master, otherwise, the caddy won’t pick up the hard disk.


Also if you are trying to read a Windows drive on a MAC unless it is set to FAT16/32 instead of NTFS the the drive will not be read by the MAC there is a software that you can download a trial software that will allow you to read an NTFS drive on a MAC by following this link http://www.paragon-software.com/home/ntfs-mac/