As part of our ongoing quality control of our products, we have identified an issue with a small number of our external 3.5-inch HDU (Hard Disk) USB2.0 enclosures.


The product has been identified as the following Dynamode Part Number:



The Serial Number sequence of affected models is:







The Part Number of the device is normally located on the cardboard ‘outer packaging’. If you no longer have this please either check your invoice from your supplier, contact your supplier or simply check the serial number sticker which maybe located on the external surface of the metal hard disk enclosure itself.


Email our UK Product Recall Department:


Dynamode UK Technical Support: 0845-0758326 or our UK Head Office: 0845-3752023

If, as a customer you have identified you do have this specific product, please stop using it at once. There maybe a risk that the external PSU (power supply unit) may produce an ‘electrical short’ causing the PSU to damage the attached HDU (hard disk) and/or a risk of fire on the external PSU.


Dynamode would like to thank you for your co-operation and apologise for any inconvenience in this isolated issue.


No other Dynamode product are affected by this recall notice.

E&OE. Your Statutory rights are unaffected.

Product Recall – USB-HD3.5SI-BN

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